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A CFO's Employee Distribution Strategy for Boosting Profits

The Mastery Fractional CFO Perspective

Every business owner knows that a company's success is closely tied to the performance of its employees. However, not everyone understands how to optimize their team's composition to enhance the bottom line. Here at Mastery Fractional CFO Services, we believe that intentional human resource strategy is key to growing and scaling your business into a more significant entity. In this latest video, we dive deep into how you can improve your team's efficiency and effectiveness.

Understanding Your Employee Distribution

Imagine your business as a micro-community of 10 employees. Statistically, you'll find two standout 'A' employees and, conversely, two 'C' employees whose performance is lacking. The majority, your 'B' employees, fall somewhere in between. It's crucial to recognize this distribution to effectively manage and improve your team's dynamics.

The Role of 'C' Employees

'C' employees can be a hindrance to your company's growth. Often, they're not fully engaged with their work or the business's goals, which can lead to subpar performance. As harsh as it may sound, these employees might be better off outside your organization. A thoughtful transition program can be beneficial for both the employee seeking new opportunities and the company needing to maintain a high-performance standard.

Elevating 'B' Employees

The 'B' employees hold the most potential for growth. With the right training, clear communication, and understanding of expectations, these team members can often be developed into 'A' performers. Investing in their development is not just beneficial for the company but can also lead to a more satisfied and engaged workforce.

Valuing 'A' Employees

Your 'A' employees are the engine of your company, driving innovation and excellence. They not only enhance business operations but also the lives of everyone associated with the company, from other team members to clients. Retaining these high performers is paramount, and they should be recognized and rewarded for their contributions.

The Impact on Business and The Bottom Line

By proactively managing these employee categories, your business can thrive. You'll notice improved resource utilization, increased efficiency, and a team that's aligned and moving towards common goals. This, in turn, enhances relationships with suppliers, customers, and all stakeholders involved. Ultimately, these changes can have a profound effect on your company's financial health.


Adjusting your HR strategy with intention and care is not just about numbers; it's about cultivating a work environment that brings out the best in every employee. At Mastery Fractional CFO Services, we encourage business owners to reflect on their team's structure and make the necessary changes to support their company's growth and success. Remember, a strong team doesn't just happen — it's built with purpose and precision.

Watch our full discussion on this topic and learn more about how you can improve your team's performance for better business outcomes.


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