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What we do:

  1. A fractional CFO is a part-time CFO (Chief Financial Officer) who partners with small and mid-sized growing businesses (typically between $1MM - $40MM in annual revenue) that need financial expertise & leadership in managing their financial operations, but that may not have the resources or budget to afford a full-time CFO.

  2. Our solutions provide the financial management and planning capabilities that are required to successfully grow a business (including budgeting, forecasting, and project planning).

  3. We work as an independent contractor and don’t require a physical presence in your company’s office.

  4. We contribute consistent and on-going guidance toward your goals.

  5. We typically work with the owner and/or CEO, and other key stakeholders to put together strategies, execute upon the plans, and make course corrections along the way – all based on the metrics from the business, and our financial & business expertise.

  6. We endeavour to ensure the company’s resources are allocated efficiently, profit is maximized, and financial risks are minimized.

  7. In a nutshell, we help our clients

    1. Leverage their time (with executive-level financial leadership and management).

    2. Increase cash flow, profit, company value and company scalability.

    3. Reduce stress.

    4. Achieve clarity with respect to their business’s finances – NOTE: as a business leader, you’ve got to be looking at your numbers!

    5. Have a business that can run without them.

  8. We collaborate with tax accountants and other 3rd parties in support of our clients' businesses.

    1. We don’t do taxes, and with respect to bookkeeping, we prefer to provide technical oversight & support, without doing the bookkeeping ourselves (although we can help you get caught up and establish efficient systems and processes).

    2. Many of our clients have full-time on-staff bookkeepers; some have independent contractors.  We can help you get set up with a bookkeeper, if required.


We bring more than just number crunching to your business. We offer a unique blend of strategic foresight, disciplined execution, and a deep understanding of the human elements that drive a successful business.

  1. Strategic Vision: We don’t just look at where your business is today; we strategize for your future. Our goal is to help you navigate the financial landscape with foresight and agility.

  2. Disciplined Execution: Strategy is only as good as its implementation. We pride ourselves on disciplined follow-through, ensuring that the strategic plans we develop don't just stay on paper but become a reality, driving real results for your business.

  3. People-Centric Approach: Finance isn't just about numbers; it's about people. Our approach goes beyond the balance sheet to understanding the people behind the numbers - your team, your clients, your culture. This enables a more effective and empathetic financial leadership style, tailored to your unique business environment.

We offer the expertise you need with the personal touch and commitment of a dedicated team. Let's achieve your financial goals together.

Ryan Chenier, MBA

Founder & CEO

Mastery Fractional CFO Services

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