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Mastery Fractional CFO's "Punchy" Podcast - An Interview with String Bean Comics

Updated: May 14

From Hobbies to Headlines: The Evolution of String Bean Comics

In a recent encounter with the dynamic duo of Troy & Tyler Eggie, the creators behind String Bean Comics, we delved into not only the growth of their creative business but also explored an intriguing question: How can a fractional CFO drive their comic empire forward?

Troy and Tyler Eggie, a father-son team with a shared passion for comics, have transitioned from collectors to influential purveyors in the comic book community. Alongside a group of passionate partners, they’ve scaled their hobby into String Bean Comics—a name that’s now synonymous with quality finds and exceptional comic book sales.

Troy's multi-faceted experience includes his role as a partner at A.H. Plumbing & Renovations Inc.—a venture supported by Mastery Fractional CFO's expertise.

“If ever you have to buy a comic book and you’ve got a leaky sink, give me a call—I can multi-task,” jokes Troy, exemplifying the blend of humor and hustle that defines their approach.

Check out String Bean Comics and get your comic fix on their Instagram here, where the vibrant panels speak louder than words.

Are you also navigating the heroic challenges of a full-scale business? Discover how Mastery Fractional CFO's insights could chart a more profitable course for your passion.

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