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Mastery Fractional CFO's "Punchy Podcast" - Exploring Real Estate Opportunities with Jonathan Ames (a Vancouver Developer and Realtor)

Updated: Jul 2

Exploring Real Estate Opportunities with Jonathan Ames, a Vancouver-based Real Estate Developer and Realtor

Welcome to the latest episode of the Mastery Fractional CFO Services Punchy Podcast! In this episode, Ryan interviews Jonathan Ames, a notable figure in Vancouver's real estate scene, who shares his journey and insights into the industry.

Jonathan's Journey in Real Estate

Jonathan Ames’ passion for real estate began with a childhood fascination with architecture and high-end homes. Influenced by his family's background in real estate development, Jonathan transitioned into the field after initially working in a different industry. Over the past decade, he has worked with a multifamily developer in Vancouver and later moved into the brokerage side, where he helps property owners negotiate with developers and package their properties for sale.

Lightwell Developments and the Missing Middle

Jonathan is also a partner at Lightwell Developments, a company focused on small-scale, multifamily properties targeting the "missing middle" – townhomes and duplexes. Lightwell is adapting to new land use policies in British Columbia, like Bill 44, which allows for increased density on single-family lots without rezoning. Jonathan explains that while these policies open up new opportunities, the feasibility of such developments depends on various factors, including location and financial viability.

Investment Opportunities and Joint Ventures

Lightwell Developments is actively seeking properties to purchase and property owners interested in joint ventures through their co-development program. This program allows property owners to partner with Lightwell, potentially earning more than they would from a straightforward sale. Jonathan highlights the benefits of these partnerships, such as taking money off the table before construction and using equity to fund personal goals like retirement or education.

Navigating the Real Estate Market

Jonathan offers valuable advice for homeowners and investors. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the true development potential of a property and being aware of policy changes that could impact property values. He also touches on the challenges posed by new policies and the need for thorough analysis before making investment decisions.

Key Financial Strategies for Real Estate Investors

In response to Jonathan's question about financial strategies and pitfalls for developers and investors, Ryan highlights the importance of setting clear goals, understanding cash flow, and planning for potential cash flow issues. He advises creating a cash flow forecast and making informed decisions to mitigate risks, stressing that forward-looking planning is crucial for sustainable growth.

The Luxury Market Outlook

Jonathan provides insights into the luxury real estate market, noting that the current high-interest rate environment and foreign buyer bans have slowed down this segment. He suggests that now might be a good time to move into the luxury market, as distressed sellers and lower competition could present opportunities. However, he warns that the market is volatile and sensitive to economic changes.

Get in Touch

To learn more about Jonathan Ames and Lightwell Developments, you can reach out via email at or visit his websites

You can also find Jonathan on social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

Stay tuned for more insightful conversations on Mastery Fractional CFO's Punchy Podcast, where we continue to bring you stories of entrepreneurial spirit and business mastery.

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