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Mastery Fractional CFO's "Punchy Podcast" - An Interview with Steve Wittal, a Fractional Sales Leader & Sales Coach

Updated: Jul 2


Welcome to another episode of Mastery CFO's Punchy Podcast, where we delve into impactful discussions with business leaders from diverse backgrounds. In this episode, Ryan interviews Steve Wittal, a seasoned fractional sales leader and sales coach.

Meet Steve Wittal

Steve Wittal helps small to mid-market companies build a path to increased sales by implementing necessary infrastructure for repeatable and transparent growth. With a background in C-suite sales leadership. Steve launched his current practice in 2019.

Steve's Journey

Steve's career has always been centered around sales and leadership. His advisory practice emerged from his small business roots and extensive experience in corporate sales. Despite the challenges of starting a business right before the pandemic, Steve has successfully navigated the advisory landscape over the past five years.

Target Market and Services

Steve serves two primary markets: small to mid-market B2B companies and sales leaders. He specializes in helping businesses with complex sales cycles and offers coaching to sales leaders, guiding them through the intricacies of their roles.

Recognizing the Need for a Fractional Sales Leader

Steve identifies several key moments when businesses might seek his services:

  1. Promotion of a top salesperson to a leadership role without adequate training.

  2. Scaling up the business and needing to transition from network-based client acquisition to a more structured approach.

  3. Dealing with the departure of a major client and navigating the resulting business turmoil.

  4. Establishing a full-time sales leadership role but needing guidance on defining and hiring for the position.

Engagement Process

Engaging with Steve typically starts with a conversation to identify the business's current state, desired outcomes, and the timeframe for achieving those goals. He emphasizes the importance of aligning on both the objectives and the timeline to ensure a successful partnership.

Personal Insights

Beyond his professional life, Steve is a passionate hockey fan and music lover. He also shares a bit about his family life, highlighting his role as a husband and father to two sons.

A Question for a Fractional CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Steve asked Ryan about the biggest challenges fractional CFOs encounter when starting engagements. Ryan emphasized the common issues of inadequate oversight of bookkeeping and accounting, the need for clear financial processes, and the importance of aligning business decisions with financial realities to enhance profitability and achieve long-term success.

Steve's Contact Information

For those interested in connecting with Steve Wittal, LinkedIn is the best platform:

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