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Mastery Fractional CFO's "Punchy" Podcast - An Interview with MB Massage Therapy

Updated: May 14

Unlocking Health and Business Potential: A Conversation with Mitch Beaudrie from MB Massage Therapy

Welcome to another episode of Mastery Fractional CFO's Punchy Podcast, where we dive into the journeys of diverse business owners and explore the challenges and triumphs of their enterprises. Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with Mitch Beaudrie, a registered massage therapist and the visionary behind MB Massage Therapy. Our conversation delved into his business, his unique approach to healthcare, and his ambitious plans for the future.

Building a Practice from the Ground Up

Mitch is a dedicated massage therapist based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In just 18 months, he has built a thriving practice that combines manual therapy with other forms of healthcare to offer comprehensive treatment. "I'm working on building and developing functional healthcare clinics that pair manual therapy with psychology and nutritional therapy," Mitch explained. His goal is to expand these services to offer holistic care that addresses not only physical ailments but also mental and nutritional health.

A Vision for the Future

Mitch's vision extends far beyond his current practice. He regularly travels to Swan River, his hometown, to provide services and is developing his first functional therapy clinic there. His ambition doesn't stop at healthcare; he aims to conduct economic studies to assess the impact of his clinics on community well-being, including metrics like crime rates and hospitalizations. "I believe that health in all forms—mental, physical, emotional—is the key foundation to a prosperous community," he stated passionately.

Comprehensive Care for All Ages

Mitch's clientele ranges from young children with growing pains to elderly individuals seeking to regain balance and mobility. "I've helped people regain range of motion in joints they haven't had for 20 years," he shared. Mitch's expertise stems from his education at Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies, where he studied osteopathy-based and manual therapies.

The Multifaceted Benefits of Massage Therapy

While massage therapy is often associated with relaxation, Mitch highlighted its broader benefits. "Massage therapy can help incredibly with sleep and has been shown to impact positively on symptoms of depression and anxiety," he noted. His approach focuses on rehabilitative care, aiming to restore patients to optimal function and improve their quality of life.

A Personal Testimony

As a client of Mitch's, I can personally attest to the benefits of his treatments. Over the past year, I've noticed significant improvements in my flexibility and overall well-being. Another one of Mitch's clients is a friend of mine, and he's experienced significant improved range of motion in his wrists after suffering from arthritis. These testimonies underscore the effectiveness of Mitch's holistic approach to health.

Collaboration with a Fractional CFO

Our conversation also touched on the role of a fractional CFO in supporting business growth. Mitch likened the experience to the "pickle in the pickle jar" analogy, where a coach helps a business owner see the business picture from a different perspective and facilitates making better informed decisions. "having Ryan as my fractional CFO has been a godsend," Mitch said. He emphasized the value of having someone to provide strategic financial guidance, allowing him to focus on his passion for healthcare.

Connect with Mitch Beaudrie & MB Massage Therapy

To learn more about Mitch and MB Massage Therapy, you can find him on Facebook and Instagram. He is also accessible via his business line at 1-431-430-0633. Whether you are looking for relief from physical ailments or seeking a holistic approach to health, Mitch's practice offers a unique blend of therapies tailored to individual needs.

Final Thoughts

It was inspiring to hear Mitch's story and his dedication to improving community health through innovative and comprehensive healthcare solutions. His vision for the future, combined with his practical experience and professional support, makes MB Massage Therapy a beacon of hope for many seeking better health outcomes.

Stay tuned for more insightful conversations on Mastery Fractional CFO's Punchy Podcast, where we continue to bring you stories of entrepreneurial spirit and business mastery.

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