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Mastery Fractional CFO's "Punchy" Podcast - An Interview with Lionel Johnston from Farmers Marketing

Updated: Jun 5

Building Business Success: Insights from Lionel Johnston of Farmers Marketing

In the latest episode of Mastery Fractional CFO’s Punchy Podcast, we were joined by Lionel Johnston, founder of Farmers Marketing, who shared his journey and the unique approach his company takes as a fractional CMO (chief marketing officer) to help businesses grow.

From Sales to Marketing Mastery

Lionel’s career began in sales, a field he excelled in for two decades before transitioning into international marketing. His experience includes a significant stint managing marketing for one of Canada’s largest trucking companies. This dual exposure to sales and marketing allows him to blend both worlds effectively, providing comprehensive strategies to his clients.

The Challenges Small Businesses Face

One of the biggest challenges Lionel identifies among small business owners is the overwhelming amount of information available. From deciding whether to start a TikTok to understanding the value of Google reviews, many business owners find it hard to determine what’s truly beneficial for their growth. Lionel’s approach is to simplify this process, starting with foundational marketing practices like setting up an effective CRM system and optimizing their website.

Tailor-Made Marketing Solutions

Farmers Marketing distinguishes itself by not just being a service provider but a partner to their clients. Lionel stresses the importance of customizing solutions, emphasizing that what works for one business may not work for another. This bespoke approach is crucial in industries like construction and transportation, where operational systems are well-understood but marketing systems may be lacking.

The Right Time for a Marketing Partner

When is the right time for a business to seek help from a marketing expert like Lionel? According to him, it's when a business is ready and eager to grow. Businesses that are already successful and looking to expand are ideal candidates for Farmers Marketing's services, especially if they’re uncertain about how to evolve their marketing strategies.

The Role of a Fractional CMO

Much like a full-time CMO, Lionel and his team aim to be an integral part of their client's operations, helping to steer the business towards increased visibility and growth. This partnership allows business owners to leverage expert advice and implement systems that can significantly impact their market presence.

Financial Insights from a Fractional CFO

During the podcast, Lionel took the opportunity to delve into financial strategies with a question about maintaining timely and accurate business data for decision-making. The conversation highlighted the importance of using cloud-based accounting software and having efficient processes for managing receipts and invoices, ensuring that businesses can rely on their financial data to make informed decisions quickly.


Lionel’s discussion sheds light on the pivotal role that tailored marketing and robust financial management play in the growth of a business. By understanding the specific needs of their clients and implementing streamlined systems, both Farmers Marketing and Mastery Fractional CFO help businesses not only survive but thrive in competitive environments.

For more insights and expert advice, tune into Mastery Fractional CFO’s Punchy Podcast, and don’t hesitate to reach out to Lionel Johnston via Farmers Marketing or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Stay tuned for more insightful conversations on Mastery Fractional CFO's Punchy Podcast, where we continue to bring you stories of entrepreneurial spirit and business mastery.

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