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Mastery Fractional CFO's "Punchy Podcast" - An Interview with Dave Bunce from interVal

Updated: Jul 2

Guest: Dave Bunce, Director of Partnerships at interVal

In the latest episode of Mastery CFO's Punchy Podcast, we had an insightful conversation with Dave Bunce, the Director of Partnerships at interVal, a software company dedicated to enhancing business valuations and financial health through automated insights.

Key Highlights:

  • Dave Bunce's Background: Dave shared his journey from public accounting to running a successful marketing agency, which scaled rapidly through technology. This experience paved the way for his current role at interVal, where he combines his accounting expertise with technology to help professional advisors and business owners.

  • Role at interVal: Dave discussed how interVal assists in wealth creation and financial health by providing tools for continuous business valuation. This helps business owners monitor and enhance their enterprise value, which is often their most significant asset.

  • Software Capabilities: The software offers automated insights into financial data, aiding advisors in guiding business owners towards better financial decisions. Dave emphasized the importance of regular valuation measurements to facilitate wealth creation.

  • Future Outlook: Dave highlighted the macroeconomic trends influencing interVal's growth, such as the impending wealth transfer and the need for succession planning. The company plans to integrate more artificial intelligence to predict valuation outcomes and help businesses prepare for future success.

  • Common Barriers to Growth: Ryan shared insights into common barriers businesses face when trying to grow, emphasizing the need for new strategies and openness to leveraging technology and team members.

Watch the full episode to gain more insights into how interVal is revolutionizing business valuation and financial health for businesses and advisors alike.

Connecting with Dave Bunce and interVal:

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